Life among the headstones

I enjoy a good graveyard. Some are a spiritual delight, some very sad.

One plot I saw had a central headstone with a number of little stones around. It was the parents, with a half-dozen children who died of yellow fever within a few weeks of each other.

Another plot was that of a young man who died at the age of eighteen; the inscription on his headstone was 'all our hopes lie buried here'.

In a third, a young wife was buried in her bridal gown, with the inscription 'a bride adorned for her Husband, Revelation 21:2'.

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Jun 17, 2015
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Apr 07, 2011
Great comments - thanks!
by: Sue Fenn

Thanks for sharing. Yes, headstones can tell some very poignant stories - some without even "saying" anything, as your yellow fever example illustrates.

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