Harold Blair of Brockville, and his children/grandchildren

by Sue McConnell Defoor
(Vancouver Island B.C.)

Hi I am searching for a 1st cousin I didn't know I had until after my mom passed in 2011. Harold Blair was the son of my moms brother. His birth parents were Walter James Adams (1910- 1960) and Margaret "Peggy" Sawdon(? - ?) both were born in Brockville Ontario Canada, I believe Harold was born in Brockville in 1935 but could have been born in Toronto, as that is where Walter James Adams and Margaret "Peggy" Sawdon lived in Toronto (for sure) from 1937/39 until his death in 1966.

The baby boy that was the biological son of Walter James Adams and Margaret "Peggy" Sawdon was put up for adoption either at birth or shortly after. Once adopted he was named Harold (last name Blair). I have a feeling that he was adopted by someone in either of their families, Sawdon or Adams, Someone that was married to a Blair.

Since he was born in 1935, he probably was 18yrs to 20yrs when he joined the armed forces, I don't know what branch, but think maybe RCAF. Anyway, So if he was stationed over seas, Germany was a good bet as to where he was stationed in the late 1950s or very early 1960s.
At some point, don't know when he was sent back here to Canada because his son (don't know how old son was or who wife was) was being
admitted into Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Do not know what happened to that child. I am hoping that Harold had more children and hopefully I can find them or Harold himself.

I don't think he knows about his birth family at all, and if not he needs to know he has only 2 (myself and my sister) 1st cousins, and 1 1/2 sister all still living but getting older by the second. Harolds 1/2 sister is 82, so it is imparitive that I find Harold and his family. She would really wants to find her brother. She didn't even know her father Walter James Adams as he left her mother when she was pregnant with her and only saw her 3 times between birth and 3years old. I only found her less than a year ago. She was so very happy there was someone from her dads side of the family that had found her. Please help. My email address is sue_defoor@yahoo.com

Thanking anyone who can help

Sue McConnell Defoor

Am attaching 2 photos of Walter James Adams (Harolds Birth father) The first photo is probably circa 1955 he was security at the Chateau ?? in Toronto the huge hotel in downtown Toronto. 2nd photo is of Walter James Adams when he played semipro hockey for the Atlantic City SeaGulls in Atlantic City, he was called Moose. Circa 1928 - 1933

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