Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 Mobile Scanner (PA03603-B005)

Product Review

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 is one of the ScanSnap series of scanners, which the company offers in many different sizes for different applications. The two smallest are the ScanSnap S1300, and the S1100.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 is the larger of the two, at 11.1” wide, 3.9” deep, and 3” high, and will work on either a PC or Mac platform.

It has an automatic document sheet feeder, which can process up to 10 pages at a time. It scans both sides of a document at once, in color. The maximum document size it can handle is 8.5” x 14.17”.

The documents in the feeder can be of different sizes and shapes; the scanner automatically corrects for scewed input, and displays the documents on the screen with the right side up, no matter which way it was scanned in.

At 3.1 pounds, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 is truly portable. It will work on either electricity, or with two USB ports on the computer: one for power, and one for the scanner’s communication with the computer.

Maximum horizontal and vertical resolution is 600 dpi.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 will work with the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7;
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Edition;
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional;
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64 bits);
  • Microsoft Windows XP;
  • Apple MacOS X 10.4;
  • Apple MacOS X 10.; and
  • Apple MacOS X 10.5.

Accompanying software includes a business card scanning program, as well as a program which allows scanning to editable Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 scanner creates PDF and JPEG files. The software allows PDF files to be made searchable at the click of a button. Also, words highlighted in yellow on a black and white page, prior to scanning, became searchable keywords.

With respect to scanning speeds, the company’s specifications indicate as follows (although they caution that scanning speeds may vary, depending on the type of system used):

Color DPI
/Grayscale DPI
AC Power
USB Port Power
Auto Simplex or Duplex4 pages 2 pages
Normal Color 150 dpi,
Grayscale 300 dpi
8 pages
16 images
4 pages
8 images
Better Color 200 dpi,
Grayscale 400 dpi
6 pages
12 images
3 pages
6 images
Best Color 300 dpi,
Grayscale 600 dpi
4 pages
8 images
2 pages
4 images
Excellent Color 600 dpi,
Grayscale 1,200 dpi
0.5 pages
1 image
0.5 pages
1 image

Watch the following video, in which the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 is put to the test!

Intended Users:

This scanner is intended for people who work partly in the office and partly on the road, and who generate a lot of paperwork, of varying sizes, in the course of their day. They can load up to 10 documents of varying sizes in the multi-sheet feeder, and let it do the work.

It could also be used in an office setting, where the scanning needs are fairly light, or in a home setting.

Customer Comments:

A few customer comments, as posted on Amazon:

  • ... [T]his scanner on the other hand, chews through documents. I put the 10 page document in the scanner, and press the "SCAN" button. That's it. From the moment I press the "Scan" button, to the moment that I have a useable, scanned pdf, it takes about 90 seconds.

    The Fujitsu software automatically boots up (I don't have to actually run the program at all) and as I scan the documents it asks me where to save the file. The files are automatically adjusted for contrast and brightness (its not perfect, but its pretty good) and are saved as pdfs.

    Another really cool feature is that the Fujitsu software can automatically convert scanned images with text into SEARCHABLE documents, something completely outside of the capabilities of my old scanning software. I open up the Scansnap program, type in a couple key words, and very quickly find the documents that I'm looking for. The search functionality was in the end what convinced me to buy this scanner.

    Because of this scanner I don't ever fax things anymore. Its quicker to scan and email documents now, which saves a lot of time, and also makes it much easier to keep track of my correspondence with people.

    The only downside to this scanner is that it quite obviously can't scan images from a book per say, like a flat bed scanner can. It can only scan loose paper. ...

  • Everyday I have to listen to my assistant rave about how great this scanner is. Hard to believe such a space saving scanner can produce superior results. Should have bought this one long ago. Made it easy to store doc's in our new business system.
  • I ordered this scanner bundle because it was advertised as MAC compatible. The scanner is MAC compatible but the soft ware, Rack 2 Filer is NOT. [Note: this software is part of the higher-priced bundle on]

    Defeated the purpose of my order so I sent it back. Amazon was great about the return ...

  • I love my ScanSnap S1300. I bought it with the Deluxe Bundle 600 DPI x 600 dpI Scanner (PA03603-B015), however the Deluxe Bundle is for for use with Windows. I use a MacBook Air computer so the Deluxe Bundle doesn't work for me. However the ScanSnap come with software for Mac so you should be good.

    I am interfacing my ScanSnap s1300 with Evernote which works perfect. My scanning can be viewed on my iPad and my iPhone, as well as my computer. Evernote syncs with all three devices so it makes my scanned documents available to me where ever I go.

    Thanks Fujitsu and Evernote for making products that integrate well together.

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