Flip-Pal mobile scanner
and Accessories:

The Details

This page provides additional information about the Flip-Pal and the accessories that are available, to assist you in your buying decision.

The Flip-Pal mobile scanner

The Flip-Pal mobile scanner box contains the following items:

  • one Flip-Pal mobile scanner unit;
  • one 2 gb memory card, which includes the software for the color adjustment and stitching functions;
  • 4 AA batteries (not rechargeable); and
  • one USB adapter, for uploading scans onto a computer, printer, or other electronic device which does not have a memory card slot.

The Flip-Pal unit has a one-year limited warranty.

The scanner be set to scan at 300 dpi or 600 dpi.

The 2 gb memory card can be upgraded to a larger size. A Wi-Fi card, which transmits your photos to the destination of your choice via the nearest internet connection, can also be used.

For further technical specificatons with respect to the Flip-Pal unit itself, see my review of this product, at Flip-Pal mobile scanner Product Review.

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Flip-Pal Digital Creativity Suite 3.0

In addition to the Flip-Pal unit (as described above), the Digital Creativity Suite has a DVD with the following software:

  • Paint It!
  • Logo - the Original Logo Design Studio pro; and
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

A great combination!

Works on PCs or Macs.

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Flip-Pal Deluxe Case, with side pocket

These lovely, very durable cases have the following features:

  • 5.5 inch deep side pocket on outside of case.

    Great for carrying the USB adapter, extra batteries, etc.;
  • An adjustable, removable shoulder strap;
  • Heavy-duty zippers across the top and on the side pocket;
  • Good, thick fabric, with thick foam padding to protect your investment in your Flip-Pal unit!

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Flip-Pal Sketch Kit

The Flip-Pal Sketch Kit consists of a Sketch Kit unit and an erasable felt-tipped pen.

It makes identification of people and places in photos easy. Here's how you use it:

  • Scan the photo with the Flip-Pal, without the Sketch Kit unit.
  • Lay the Sketch Kit unit over top of the photo, and use the felt-tipped pen to mark on the Sketch Kit unit the names of the people and places in the photograph.
  • Do not remove the Sketch Kit from on top of the photo. Place the Flip-Pal on top of the Sketch Kit / photo combination. Scan.
  • Erase your comments from the Sketch Kit unit, and use it again on another photo.

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Flip-Pal Window Protector Sheets - 3-Pack

If you're scanning three-dimensional objects, or taking scans of jewelery or coins with raised surfaces, for example, you risk scratching the surface of the see-through window on your Flip-Pal.

Protect your investment by purchasing Window Protector Sheets!

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