Family History Tours in Scotland

Thank you for inquiring about family history tours in Scotland.

Such a trip can be the culmination of your research. It can also assist in breaking down a brick wall, so you can add more generations to your family tree.

Whatever the ultimate goal of your trip, you are sure to make some discoveries, and to gain greater insights into where your forefathers were from and what life was like for them.

Should you decide to proceed with a tour in the part of Scotland that some of your ancestors are from, I hope you find it as fulfilling as I did!

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Limitation of Liability:, or Sue Fenn, either personally or as the site owner, are not liable for anything that occurs on the tour, or for any difficulties or unforeseen circumstances that arise out of your relationship with the tour operator. Our sole role is to put you in touch with a company with whom you can arrange a family history tour. Any arrangements made are solely between you and the tour operator, and do not involve or Sue Fenn in any way.

Please be sure to keep in touch, and let me (and other visitors to the site, if you wish) know how things went.

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"Big Ben", London, England
Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

The Matterhorn, Switzerland
Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons Licence.
The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland
Wikimedia Commons.
Used with permission of owner Kilnburn.
The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Brandenburg Gate, Germany
Wikimedia Commons - Creative Commons Licence
The Brandenburg Gate, Germany

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria
Wikimedia Commons - Creative Commons Licence
St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria