Complementary Sites

The following complementary sites offer services which, while they may not directly assist in your family history research, offer assistance in other ways. 

Companies offering DNA Testing for Family History (Genetic Genealogy)

FamilyTreeDNA offers Y-DNA testing, mtDNA testing, and autosomal DNA testing (Family Finder).

Discover yourself at 23andMe

23 and me offers DNA testing which provides information with respect to your risk factors for various illnesses (as of July 2013, it tests for about 200 different diseases), as well as physical characteristics such as eye color, hair color, etc.

It also tests for sections of autosomal DNA shared with other people, which indicates a strong possibility that you and those other persons had a common ancestor. By connecting with those individuals and sharing family tree information, you can discover just how many generations back you are related, and who that common ancestor might be. (the US company) offers Y-DNA testing and, recently (in 2012) has moved into the autosomal DNA arena. However, as of July 2013, it offers the autosomal DNA service only to US residents (or, to put it practically, to anyone with a US address).

Family Tree Software

Legacy Family Tree. Basic version, which is fully capable of handling your database needs, is free. Upgrading to the Deluxe version provides a few more charting features and other specialized functions.

Family Tree Maker,'s software.

Roots Magic, Family Search's software.

(Just a quick, helpful note: it appears that the same software, and a number of others, often can be obtained from Amazon at lower prices. So check around, find out the going price, and also check Amazon U.S., or Amazon Canada, before you buy).

Scrapbooking / Personalized Family History Books

Scrapbooks by Design "Publish" (For US customers only)

Family History Video Companies

Tears of Joy Stories

Tears of Joy Stories is a meeting place online where you can share you personal stories in writing. They hold monthly storytelling contest and have a number of people who have contributed their personal stories. Their inspiring stories make for interesting reading. They also provide a service where we take your pictures and home movies and use these to create Montage stories or biography videos of your life on DVD. Keep your family history and stories forever with your own life movies. Everyone has a story...What's yours? Come by and share it at

The following video provides further detail and examples of the services they offer.

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Looking into DNA testing for genealogy purposes

Try 23andMe, or FTDNA (click the links below).