The Brother DS600 Mobile Scanner

Product Review

The Brother DS600 Mobile Scanner is designed to work by drawing power from the USB port of your computer. It is quite compact, measuring 11 inches long, 2 inches deep, and 1.5 inches high, and will fit easily in a backpack, briefcase, laptop bag, or suitcase. It weighs only 12.2 ounces!

This powerful little machine can scan paper-based documents, from business cards to newspaper clippings and legal documents (8.5”X14”), and virtually any color, to a maximum of 600 dpi on the horizontal.

It will scan to several different formats, including Adobe, JPEG, and TIFF.

According to the manufacturer, the Brother DS600 scans at the following speeds for an 8.5" x 11" letter size page, @ 200 dpi:

  • 3 pages/minute (color);
  • 5 pages/minute (gray scale);
  • and
  • 5 pages/minute (Black & White)

Accompanying software includes DSmobileSCAN II, as well as the PageManager software, Version 7. It includes TWAIN and WIA drivers.

This scanner is PC-based (sorry, Mac users!), and will run on Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP.

The following video from the manufacturer demonstrates the Brother DS600's features.

Primary Intended Users:

This type of scanner is good for a business person "on the go", who needs to scan receipts, documents, or other paper-based items with respect to business transactions or business-related expenses to his or her computer.

The Brother DS600 also could be useful for household record-keeping, where the volume tends to be lower than in a normal office setting.

However, documents have to pass through the scanner feed, one at a time. It does not scan both sides at once, so double-sided documents will have to be put through the machine twice.

For genealogists:

There may be some applications for which a genealogist could use this scanner, including scanning receipts for purchases, and perhaps more paper documents, such as certified copies of records obtained from the Records Office or other similar sources.

This machine is not intended for dealing with fragile items such as tintype photographs, old photos which may be slightly bent or torn, three-dimensional objects, or larger documents, such as painted portraits of your ancestors, which are the ‘bread and butter’ of a genealogist’s work.

Customer Reviews:

  • ...The DS-600 scanner is a super light-weight scanner that barely takes up any room on your desk. I admit that when I opened up the box and saw this scanner, I didn't expect it to work all that well - it seemed too small and too light to do a good job. However I was pleasantly surprised. ...
  • ...Decent scanner, room for improvement

    I've used this scanner to scan documents for work, as well as pictures and drawings. I thought it worked fine for scanning documents into Adobe Pro. I didn't have any problems running OCR after scanning my paperwork. For images and drawings, I am unimpressed. ...

  • ...This device really needs a paper guide. Anything that isn't perfectly letter- or legal-sized can slide from side to side while you're trying to scan. I haven't had major problems with this - a little slide doesn't yield unreadable docs - but at some point I may need to resort to copying the irregular page and then scanning the copy. Hey, it'd be faster than all the pesky prescanning and adjusting I have to do on my flatbed scanner.

    I would NOT recommend this scanner for inputting a lot of small photographs. 8" x 10" should be fine, but a smaller, say, 4" x 6" photo is going to slide all over the place while you input it. Forget doing it in 'Flatbed' mode (which requires two scans)....You'd just never be able to get it in the same place twice.

    (One more edit: I'm using this scanner TO DEATH already! I'm a compulsive magazine clipper, which means I always have a pile of articles lying around. Thanks to this scanner, many of them are now dumped into digital files on my desktop, sorted by topic. I LOVE that I can change the file format or DPI literally with the click of a button and can name the file whatever I want BEFORE the scan, so I don't have to open up all the files to see what's in them, then name them. ...

For further information or to purchase:

For US Residents:

Brother DSMobile Scanner (DS-600)

For Canadian Residents:

Brother DS600 Mobile Scanner

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