The 1916 Canadian Census

The 1916 Canadian census included only Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Although labeled an agricultural census, it had more in common, with respect to the questions asked, with the 1911 national census.

Map of Canadian provinces, 1916.
Source: Wikipedia Commons
Map of Canada, 1916

The questions on the 1916 census contain no reference to animals or stock held, although that may have been recorded on another schedule. The questions are very similar to those on the 1911 census, less the insurance, extensive employment information, and mental disability queries, although they have been reorganized somewhat. A question regarding military service was added, given the war.

The specific questions asked on the 1916 census were as follows:

  • Numbered in the order of visitation
    • Dwelling house
    • Family, Household or Institution

  • Residence and Personal Description
    • Name of each person in family, household, or institution
    • Military service
    • Place of habitation
      • Township
      • Range
      • Meridian
      • Municipality
    • Relationship to head of family or household
    • Sex
    • Single, married, widowed, divorced or legally separated
    • Age at last birthday

  • Nativity and religion
    • Country or place of birth (if Canada, specify province or territory)
    • Religion

  • Citizenship
    • Year of immigration to Canada
    • Year of naturalization
    • Nationality

  • Race and Language
    • Racial or tribal origin
    • Can speak English
    • Can speak French
    • Other language spoken as mother tongue

  • Education and language of each person five years of age and over
    • Can read
    • Can write

  • Profession, occupation, or means of living
    • Chief occupation or trade
    • Employer, employee, or working on own account

  • Wage Earners
    • State where person is employed (as “on farm”, “in cotton mill”, “in foundry”, “in dry goods store”, “in saw-mill”, etc.)

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