The 1911 Irish Census

The 1911 Irish census is only one of two Irish censuses available, the other one being 1901. While earlier censuses were taken, some were destroyed in a fire during the unrest in 1922, and others were recycled during a paper shortage in World War II. Only small fragments of some earlier census documents remain.

Ireland as it exists Today
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Ireland as it is today - map and flags

The 1911 census was taken as of the night of April 2, 1911. The questions asked were as follows:

  • Name and Surname
  • Relation to Head of Family
  • Education (Read and Write; Read only; Cannot read)
  • Age (Years on last Birthday)
    • Males
    • Females
  • Rank, Profession, or Occupation
  • Particulars as to Marriage
    • Married, widower, widow, not married
    • State, for each married woman entered on this schedule, the number of
      • Completed years the present marriage has lasted
      • Children born alive to present marriage
        • Total children born alive
        • Children still living

  • Where born
  • Irish language ("Irish only" or "Irish and English")
  • If deaf and dumb; dumb only; blind; imbecile or idiot; or lunatic

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