1910 US Census

The 1910 US census took place as of April 15, 1910. It included all of the United States, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

US states and territories as of 1910
Source: Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.
US map 1900

Questions on the 1910 Census

The questions asked on the 1910 US census did not vary much from those on the 1900 census, although the military and disability questions were brought back. The questions asked were as follows:

  • Address;
  • house number or farm;
  • dwelling number;
  • number of family in order of visitation;
  • Name

  • Surname, then first name and middle initial of each person;
  • Relation

  • relationship to head of family;
  • Personal description

  • gender;
  • color or race;
  • age at last birthday;
  • whether single, married, widowed, or divorced;
  • number of years of present marriage;
  • mother of how many children;
    • number born
    • number now living;


  • place of birth
  • father's place of birth;
  • mother's place of birth;
  • Citizenship

  • year of immigration to the United States;
  • number of years in the United States;
  • whether naturalized or alien;
  • Whether able to speak English; if not, language spoken;
  • Occupation

  • trade, profession or kind of work done by this person;
  • general nature of industry, business or establishment;
  • whether employer, employee, or working on own account;
  • if an employee:
    • whether out of work on April 15, 1910;
    • number of weeks out of work during 1909;


  • Can read;
  • can write;
  • Attended school any time since Sept 1, 1909;
  • Ownership of home

  • owned or rented;
  • owned free or mortgaged;
  • farm or house;
  • number of farm schedule.
  • whether a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy;
  • whether blind (both eyes);
  • whether deaf and dumb.

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